Unattended Funeral

Prices from £1600

Unattended Funeral

An Unattended funeral is simply a funeral where the body is buried or cremated with no one in attendance.

Why choose an Unattended Funeral?

There are a number of reasons including;

  • The wishes of the deceased. The deceased may not have wanted the ‘fuss’ of a traditional funeral service.
  • Unattended funerals are usually carried out on days, and times of the day when Crematoriums and Funeral Directors are less busy.  Additionally, simple basic wooden coffins are usually used and the Funeral Director will normally only provide essential basic services.  These factors allow costs to be reduced while still arranging for a legal burial or cremation.
  • The wishes of the family/next of kin. The family may choose to mark the passing of their loved one in other ways.  These can be very apt and personal events.

What other considerations are there?

The expectations of other family and friends. As with most decisions regarding planning and coping with the end of a life, it’s best to discuss choices in advance so that there is less surprise and uncertainty at what is a very emotional and stressful time. It is often easier for those left behind if they are informed/instructed prior to being required to arrange the funeral. It can be hard for loved ones to understand why they are being asked not to have a traditional funeral service, especially if their traditions or expectations rely upon such an occasion for their chance to say goodbye.

What does our service include?

  • We will convey the decreased to our chapel of rest from hospital, home or other location.*
  • Look after them until the unattended funeral can be arranged and take place. We do not leave your loved ones in public mortuaries for any longer than is required by official process and procedure.
  • Arrange the funeral and help with the necessary forms. This does not have to be done ‘over the phone’ or ‘by post’.  In fact, we prefer to meet people!
  • We will arrange for the funeral to take place in a timely fashion (We will choose the day and time).
  • Allow use of our chapels should you wish to see your loved one**
  • Transport the deceased to the Crematorium or Cemetery in a suitable vehicle, usually a hearse.
  • Provide a properly attired bearer party.
  • Look after any cremated remains until you are ready (up to 12 months)

*additional fees will be incurred for transportation from the mainland.

**restrictions on times may apply

H. V. Taylor & Son Limited pride ourselves on offering a personal and flexible approach during this distressing time. If you’d like to know more about unattended funerals and direct cremation please give us a call on 01983 562 082.


“The whole team at Taylor’s are exceptionally helpful and thoughtful. I have used their services twice now and cannot fault their professionalism and attention to detail and would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a funeral director. Their prices are also excellent and blow the big chains out of the water for value of money with no compromise in service or quality.”

Lewis W.